Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 Calendar

Frank Otis and Vanessa de Largie
Short And Sweet Sydney.
For the first time ever Defector Art Theatre will be going interstate! We will be performing in the top 90 of Sydney's Short And Sweet. The play will be the controversial, anti-torture 'Shock Therapy'. It will be interesting to see what Sydney thinks of it.

Short But Not So Sweet Melbourne. Our second Short But Not So Sweet, this one will be bigger, badder and better. Ten 10-minute plays that will take a very different look at the world.

Announcement. We have just learnt that we have made the top 30 of Melbourne's Short And Sweet. To be held at Chapel Off Chapel. More details as they come to hand. Also, Frank Otis will be producing/directing a night of monologues for Melbourne Writers Theatre. They will be on early in November. Please note this is not a Defector Art Theatre production, so normal ticket discounts do not apply and cannot be purchased through this site. More details next month.

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