Friday, April 2, 2010

QUEEN LARA is coming real soon

Pictured Jenita Spirtovic as Queen Lara
For Lara, being Queen of the Vampires is hard work. But how hard is she prepared to work to feed her hungry clan? Whose laws will she break and what risks is she prepared to take. And will it end with carnage, or can vampires ultimately strike a bargain with the human race.

This is a vampire story with a difference, well for a start it's a play  and not a film, but that's not all.  In typical Frank Otis style he has tipped the vampire world upside down and given it a good shake.
Defector Art Theatre is proud to present you this production that will not only entertain you but keep you thinking well after it is over.

Written by Frank Otis 
Directed by Paul Otis and L'hibou Hornung

Jenita Spirtovic, Ellie Etheve, Katie Kilgour, Flame Divine, Kindar Soares,
Pavlina Itter, Celina Page, Michael Fenemore-Cocks and Frank Otis.

Wednesday 5th of May till Saturday 8th of May at 8pm

Studio 2

Northcote Town Hall

189 High St Northcote

Tickets $25 full $15 conc

Bar Open 7.30pm

Book online at

or reserve your tickets on 93185271

Warning this play contains violence, sex scenes, nudity and strong coarse language.

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