Saturday, March 13, 2010


Defector Art Theatre presented another successful play at Sydney's Short And Sweet.  'Morals' was Frank's attempt at a family drama.  It just so happens that this family were also serial killers.  The dark comedy was well received by Sydney audiences.  It was on Week 6 at the Newtown Theatre.  It was a very strong week of plays and this was reflected in audience numbers.  The Theatre almost sold out every night and that week was the best attended for the  whole Short And Sweet Festival at
Newtown Theatre!

Featured photo 'Morals'; from left to right:  Whitney Duff, Jesikah Brown, Denise Kuchmar and Frank Otis.

On their last night of performance there was a surprise for Frank Otis.  He received a 'Silver Award' for making it into Short And Sweet five times.  The other Defector Art plays that made it into Short And Sweet are:
  • '9/10ths Of The Law'
  • 'A Dish Best Served Cold'
  • 'Shock Therapy
  • 'Buck's night'

Every one of these plays has stirred the pot known as Short And Sweet but that is what Defector Art is all about.

After Frank received his award he was heard to say "you know this is better than winning an Acamady Award, no seriously I don't have to thank God!".  Frank also announced that he would be looking at presenting all the plays in one show later in the year!

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