Thursday, September 3, 2009

Previous Productions

a night of burlesque

short film and theatre

That's right in our first show of the year Defector Art Theatre is going places we have never been before. As well as a great night of theatre (including Frank's new short play 'A Romantic Comedy' which will shortly be going to Sydney) we will also be presenting short films from some of Melbourne's best indi film makers, and if thats not enough how about a bit of burlesque to chuck into the mix.

Defector Art Chosen to work with Short and Sweet

WTO The Musical (with Keep Left Theatre)

The Party Room! (with Keep Left Theatre)

Box a Shorts (the original)

Safe Haven! (with Keep Left Theatre)

Takin' the Piss Won (with Keep Left Theatre)

Takin' the Piss Too (with Keep Left Theatre)

S11 The Dividing Line (with Keep Left Theatre)

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