Thursday, September 3, 2009

A bit of shock therapy for Sydney

For the first time ever Defector Art Theatre performed outside of Victoria. Defector Art performed at the Newtown Theatre in Sydney because it reached the finals of Short And Sweet there.

The play to be performed will be Frank Otis’s ‘Shock Therapy’. A controversial play that rocked Melbourne audiences when it premiered as part of Boxashorts 2 last year. Who knows what Sydney audiences will make of this anti-torture black comedy! 

The play will feature American actor Holly Lynn Nye who is currently touring Australia with a prominent performance show. She has flown thousands of kilometres to be in this play and we are honoured to have her on board. 

The play also features Alex Lance who wowed audiences in two very different plays in Boxashorts 3 ‘Alex Brouns gut wrenching play ‘The Celiene Dion Songbook’ and Frank Otis’ thriller ‘9/10ths Of The Law’. 

We welcome back Emma Moore who had audiences in fits of laughter and horror when she played the mum of a serial killer family in Otis’ ‘Morals’ which was part of ‘Short And Not So Sweet’ last year. 

Wrapping up the cast for ‘Shock Therapy’ is Sam Hill and Frank Otis. This is the first time Sam has played a role with ‘Defector Art’. After an unsuspected pull out Sam has jumped on board and saved the day. To say that we are happy she did would be an understatement. As for Frank Otis well we all know him don’t we. 

Actors in Picture from left to right: Holly Lynn Nye, Frank Otis, Alex Lance.

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