Friday, September 4, 2009

BoxaShorts 1

BoxaShorts a HIT at Gasworks!

BoxaShorts was part of the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival and comprises six very different short plays, dealing with issues of power, sex and manipulation. After drawing larger than expected crowds and receiving rave reviews, the final performance was Sunday 15th October 2006.

  • You Know New Election Ways Like - Written and directed by Frank Otis.

  • The Emancipation of the Proletariat - Written by Frank Otis. Directed by Cassie Dart.

  • Ted and Silver - Written by Vanessa De Largie. Directed by Frank Otis.

  • The Interview - Written by Dale Harrison. Directed by Frank Otis.

  • The Game - Written Jennifer Lusk. Directed by Frank Otis.

  • An Inconvenience - Written by Frank Otis. Directed by Cassie Dart.
    The Players: - Brendan Leigh Kelly
    - Brenna Glazebrook
    - Christopher O'Connor
    - Frank Otis
    - George Goris
    - Jim Luxford
    - Karla Silvery
    - Leon Durr
    - Marie-Claire Lewis
    - Natalie Gee
    - Tristan Watson
    - Vanessa De Largie
    The writers and directors:
    - Cassie Dart
    - Dale Harrison
    - Frank Otis
    - Jennifer Lusk
    - Vanessa De Largie

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