Friday, September 4, 2009

Boxashorts 2

Frank Otis tries to explain a bloodied knife to Nyssa Lock and Hannah Fox in ‘Anxious But Not Alarmed’Adrian Snodgrass and Ross MacPherson discuss the Blood transfusion they are about to give the helpless David Gannon.

Hannah Fox plays a woman you wouldn’t want to cross in ‘Do You Want To Play’
Ross MacPherson gives Frank Otis some ‘Shock Therapy’Nyssa Lock and Ross MacPherson have a joke about their dead prisoner in ‘Shock Therapy’

With four great reviews, and a 40% increase in audience numbers, whatever way you look at it Boxashorts 2 ‘Edge Of Sanity’ has been a huge success. It was so successful that ‘Cromwell Road Theatre’ asked us to become a resident theatre company after just one show. So, we now have a new home!

First the reviews! The ironic thing is with the four reviews they all highlighted different plays. The Age which gave us 3 out of 5 stars liked ‘Neat’ by David Ryding, ‘Anxious But Not Alarmed’ by Scott McAteer and ‘Lunchtime Meeting’ by Bridgette Burton. Arts Hub Australia sited ‘Do You Want To Play’ by Christine Croydon and ‘Mozart And The End Of Time’ by Alex Broun as ‘clear standouts’. Her ‘absolute favourite’ was ‘Bloodletters’ by Nathan Curnow. She rounded of her review by saying “For a mad night out filled with fun and more shockers that you could poke a stick at, Defector Art Theatre Boxashorts 2 – Edge Of Sanity was all round fringe worthy entertainment. You’d be ‘un-australian’ to miss it”.

Buzzcuts highlighted Frank Otis play ‘Shock Therapy’ stating that it rounded up the night well! (See the full review below) Inpress also highlighted Shock Therapy stating that it was “directed with raw intensity by Bess Maxwell” and praised ‘Bloodletters’ and ‘Lunchtime Meeting’.

In the past we have bragged about 10% and 11% increases in audience numbers, this time it was a 40% increase! This was no mean feet as numbers normally go down in the Fringe Festival, because you are competing against so many other shows. Cast and crew can be proud of what we have achieved in this production, an all round success! For Defector Art Theatre it’s onwards and upwards in 2008!

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