Thursday, September 3, 2009

Short but not so Sweet 08

10 Plays 10 Writers 10 Directors 22 Actors
Who are all a bit bent.

Ever wondered what happens to the plays that are too outrageous for Short And Sweet? Well they suffer from rejection and turn to nasty things. And just before all hope is lost they turn up at the doors of Defector Art Theatre. There they meet other plays like them and become part of a community called Short But Not So Sweet. Here they can be themselves. Here they can celebrate their differentness. Here they are accepted for what they are.

So if you want to spend a night with serial killers, sexual deviants, ghosts, lawyers and the Devil himself then this is the show for you!


Written by Christine Croyden
Directed by Tanya Annear-Walker
Cast: Bobbi-Lea Dionysius, Joel Pearse, Janeen Sonsie.

Be Careful What You Dig For
Written by Nick Caddaye
Directed by Deb Rohde
Cast: Shane Lee, James McGuane.

Bed Tales
Written by Richard Lord
Directed by Frank Otis
Cast: Marijana Kreso, Bradley Schmidt

Dragging Cassandra
Written by Gail Evans
Directed by Geoffrey Masters
Cast: Verena Curr, Anthony Goodwin

Hot Water
Written by Graeme Simsion
Directed by Flora Georgiou
Cast: Kate O’Neill, Frank Otis.

Imagine The Afterlife
Written by Angus Brown
Directed by Douglas Montgomery
Cast: Andrea Jenkins, Jim Koutsoukos, Tom Needham.

Written by Frank Otis
Directed by Bess Maxwell
Cast: Dan Boyle, Camilla Jackson, Andrea Jenkins, Emma Moore.

One Drink Pardon
Written by Vijay Khurana
Directed by Jenni Munday
Cast: Dan Boyle, Tom Needham, John Murphy.

The People Upstairs
Written by Alex Broun
Directed by Traicee Evison-Griffith
Cast: Keith Brockett, Vicki Doak, Leon Durr, Diana Nguyen.

Real Estate
Written by Katie Dircks
Directed by Paul Otis
Cast: Camilla Jackson, Andrea Jenkins, Emma Moore

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