Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New! New! New!



After many hours of hard work we have a new website. We haven't quite finished it, that will happen over the next month. It is easier to read, easier to navigate and you can even make your own Comments. Why you can even review one of our shows (gulp!) so check it out. We reserve the right to remove any Comment that we deem unsuitable for the website.


Defector Art Theatre is proud to announce that multi award winning Director L'hibou Hornung is joining our team. She has won a string of awards in New Zealand and Tasmania before coming to Melbourne. They include The Golden Key International Academic Honour Society and the Deans Roll Of Excellence. Her play Lucid was highly commended at the Dunedin Fringe Awards. As well as a Director, L'hibou is also a writer, designer and a composer. What is more exciting however is that L'hibou is just as bent as we are. So she is going to fit into Defector Art quite well.

Her first major production for Defector Art will be Frank Otis' new vampire play Queen Lara (working title) she will be co-directing with Paul Otis. L'hibou has read a draft copy of the script and loves it. This play will be premiering in May and we look forward to working with L'hibou.


Defector Art Theatre has made it into the finals of Short And Sweet in both Melbourne and Sydney. This means Defector Art Theatre will receive a Silver Award in Sydney for making it five times into the finals! The plays are different for Melbourne and Sydney.

The Melbourne play is Bucks Night. A group of friends go out on a bucks night together, however, when the stripper does her thing one of the guys decides it is time to resolve some issues and he turns the night into a nightmare. This play will be performed in the first week of Short And Sweet between the 18th and 21st of November. It will be on at Chapel Off Chapel. You can go to the Short And Sweet Melbourne 2009 website for ticket and further information.

The play we are doing in Sydney will be Morals. This play has been performed in Melbourne but not Sydney. It's a comedy! Alright it's a comedy about serial killers!! The play will be performed in February. Further details as they come to hand.

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