Saturday, May 22, 2010

Queen Lara a hit!

Well Queen Lara was an absolute hit! Thank you to everyone that attended (we sold out on two of the four nights - and the other two nights we had a max of 6 spare seats!) and we're so glad you enjoyed the show. The feedback was phenomenal.


Wow, what a ride. I first came up with the idea of Queen Lara about two years ago. Being my 10th full length play I wanted to make it something special. I was not inspired by the rebirth of the vampire film again but by a 1951 sci fi called 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'. I loved it's big stick approach and thought it was time to do that again.

But what formed in my head was a 2 ½ hour play with a cast of over 30. Impossible at this level of theatre. So I spent over a year cutting it back to a level that I thought was at least possible to put on stage. To my delight I loved this scaled down version which you will see tonight.

But it hasn't been an easy ride getting here. We had a false start with people that didn't work out, that put us behind time. Even when we settled on a great cast other problems arose, they were taken care of and we battled on.

And speaking of battles lets not forget the directors and myself. The three of us have all gone through stages of pulling out our hair and sometimes each others hair. Some call it artistic differences - I call it theatre.

There is only one reason that this play has come together into something I am so proud of and that is EVERYONE has gone beyond the call of duty. That is the Directors, the entire Cast, our lighting guy Doug and not forgetting our ever forgiving Stage Manager Whitney and our make up artist Rebecca. If anyone needed proof that anything is possible if we all pull together then this play is that!


Queen Lara.....Jenita Spirtovic (pictured top)
Vampire Julie.....Ellie Etheve
Vampire Sophie.....Katie Kilgour
Janet Richardson.....Flame Alicia Divine
Vampire Mark.....Kindar Soares (pictured above)
Vampire Magda.....Pavlina Itter
Vampire Isabel.....Celina Page
Carl Brady.....Michael Fenemore-Cocks
John Phillips.....Frank Otis


Written by.....Frank Otis
Directed by.....Paul Otis and L'hibou Hornung
Stage Manager.....Whitney Duff
Lighting Design.....Douglas Scott Montgomery
Original Music by.....Paul Otis
Performed by.....Paul Otis and L'hibou Hornung
Makeup Artist.....Rebecca Gill

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