Monday, September 19, 2011


from 'A Little Bit Of Pepper'

Frank Otis founding member of Defector Art was supposed to be having a quiet year this year.  But after doing 2 shows for Defector Art, 1 for Melbourne Writer's Theatre and acting in 15 short films, you would hardly call it a quiet year! So we asked Frank about it.

So what happened Frank?
I don't know (laughs) I suppose I got the short film bug, I just loved acting in all those films and it was great to come along to something and not have to worry about anything else but acting. 

Any favourites?

 from 'One Way'

Hard to say, you might get me into trouble but Shoeville, One Way, A Little Bit Of Pepper and One Little Decision all stick out for me.

Great crews, great stories, great parts.  Shoeville, a horror, was just so out there.  People reckon my stuff is strange, this one was off the planet and very well written.  One Way was much straighter but well written too and it's come together really well.  But I think in a film a great crew and story appear to be the most important things in a short film.

Are you going to make that many next year?
No think I will do a few less, I hope!

You put on two Boxashorts this year and tried out a 'new' venue how did that go?

from 'Boxashorts Seven'

There has been a change of management at ACOPA or as it's now known - 'Club Voltare'.  Jennifer is great we get on well.  So much so she is in my play for Melborn, she can act so she understands the problems of putting on a show.  We had a great show there and plan to do it again.  For the first time we combined short plays with short films and I think it worked well.

That's right your doing a show for Melbourne Writers Theatre?

Yeah, 'Melborn' one of my plays 'Legacy' was accepted for it and I am one of the Production Managers along with Neill Triffet.  It's going to be a great show.  

So what will be happening next year?

Starting to plan a big show and another reboot for Defector Art.  We reboot every couple of years and I think that is why we have been around for so long.  But more about  our new show later.


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