Friday, September 4, 2009

And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep 06

When the ultimate nightmare is reality.

For every action there is a reaction.
For every event there is a memory,
And for every nightmare there is a reality.

And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is not for the faint hearted. It is not a story of love but of truth. This shocking confronting and controversial piece of Adult Contemporary Theatre explores the dark and ugly side of humanity. A world that should never be for anyone, where nightmares intertwine with reality, innocence is a luxury and love and truth are merely words.

For how long can one man's actions affect another's life?
Can memories simply be washed over and forgotten?
Or do they remain forever tattooed to the mind,
Ripping apart the surface of reality?

Prepare to be engulfed by And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and enter into a journey of human emotions through another's eyes. Combined with a completely original music score and an emotionally charged cast, And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is guaranteed to pull at your heart-strings, terrify you beyond belief and may even let you laugh a couple of times.

The Defector-Art Theatre Company invites you to step outside the box you live in, and into the world as it is for a countless number of people, strangers, neighbours, friends and maybe even you.

"Very well written, very moving and very honest"
Susan Duffy - 3CR

"Well done and so true to life. Explaining why sexual abuse people are not walking, talking, shit thinking machines."
Audience Member

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