Friday, September 4, 2009

Ghosts and Gods

It’s “The Devil You Know” at “A Christmas Thing”.
(Two short plays by Frank Otis)

103 Smith Street Collingwood

A Christmas Thing

It's Christmas! It's time for the Christmas party! Fun, huh? Well no, not really. You see these office workers have to put up with the big boss coming, and that's just what he wants to do because he's a sleaze bag. But all is not as it seems as Charles Dickens said, because there are a few ghosts who are going to straighten this big boss out.

The Devil You Know

Imagine getting a visit from the Devil. Scary, huh? Well no, not really. Then God appears to you the next morning and she or he is rather sexy. Now one wants you to win tattslotto and the other doesn't, easy choice, hey? Well no, not really.

Follow Ruth as she has a rather extraordinaty 24hours meeting with the Devil and God as you have never seen them before.

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